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Use cannabis on a daily basis to treat various conditions and chronic pain. Which is a different animal than acute pain, which is insidious and always there to remind you that you are human and definitely have limitations. Which means these patients have a different relationship with cannabis than the recreational user since it is their life line for a chance at some normality that allows for the afflicted to have some measure of relief from their malady.

These patients also have the challenge of providing for their daily needs and a balance must be struck that symptom relief cannot come at the expense of day to day needs that we all face daily.

That means that these patients have struck a balance between relief and life.

Many find that they only need small amounts of cannabis throughout the day, is enough to alleviate their pain or other condition. Which means that they consume small amounts throughout their day and present challenges unique to these patients. Rolling an entire joint and consuming it completely in one setting by oneself is not conducive to having any normalcy in your life, so they imbibe with small amounts throughout the day is how most patients survive striking a balance between normalcy and relief from their malady.

Snuff Cards

You can also brand our snuff cards which are used by medical patients to snuff out their bowl between puffs.

No one likes a carbonized bowl after letting it smolder while you hold your last puff.

Cannabis patients titrate their dosing to their pain level, and use cannabis differently than recreational users, who usually share their cannabis.

Daily Considerations for Consumption

Since you are going to be consuming an inhaled product throughout your day, many fail to consider the cumulative effects of such consumption, as it is a sum total of the way in which the cannabis is prepared. First consideration is everyone sells you cannabis whether its the recreational or medical dispensary and even the local character who makes his living on the edge of legality in the cannabis trade will sell you all you want. No one gives you or sells you any means to handle cannabis cleanly and easily, until now. After an exhaustive search of the interweb, even Amazon, who has a ‘Cannabis Tools and Accessories’ category, bupkis. Until Canna Card,

Handling and Preparation

Medical cannabis has been crafted to bring the benefits of this medicinal plant to us though we tend to not accept the fact that it is in fact medicine and a daily cumulative effect can and will be seen if bad habits become ingrained in our daily regimen.

Many of the trays and grinders and other instruments of torture applied to cannabis on a daily desire for euphoria or the godsend of pain relief both users will suffer if they do not prepare and consume cannabis in a rational and well informed manner, can and will have negative consequences.

Some of the trays I have seen would have been condemned for fiber particulates from the worn out Masonite panel had long lost its first blush, and luster of youth to say the least.

What you prepare your cannabis in and on can and will affect your health given enough time.

If you have a daily medical regimen with cannabis then you may wish to consider only hand manicuring and preparing your cannabis after thoroughly washing your hands. A few dead skin cells are nothing compared to possibly formaldehyde or heavy metals from a printed or painted tray from China or the Far East, Malaysia or Taiwan. Or slowly poisoning yourself and your brain cells with aluminum oxide from a grinder that has lost its hard anodized coating. Things to consider, all of these compounds are in a gaseous state and enter the bloodstream immediately, going straight to your brain.

All of these concerns will have cumulative negative effect if not heeded.

Stainless steel trays are rustproof, and particulate free and has the added bonus that it can be easily cleaned along with the Canna Card by an alcohol wipe will do the trick nicely.

You may wish to consider using Hemp Wick to set your cannabis alight as well, since most butane lighters do not consume all the butane, you do. The high heat butane mini torches work well and and appear to consume all the butane, since it leaves no apparent butane taste or smell, and should be tried and considered, as well.

So ditch those bad habits you have fallen into and use a Canna Card, an easy way to start is with our Canna Card Kit, shown on your right, you can get all our products, and at a 20% discount. We intend to continue to improve this kit and will keep the price down since our goal is to get you consuming cannabis in a healthier manner, that Is conducive and at least harmonious with long term good health goals.

High prices could and would be an impediment to this goal, so our promise is to keep prices low on this kit, and our products.

You can find our products on the Canna Card button or follow this link,

Canna Card moves Weight too, this one was only folded in the front making a flat nosed shovel. If you fold in the back only you get a spade type shovel.