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Test Report Hands Versus Grinders

An experiment was performed to ascertain roughly what kind of contamination can occur inside a grinder that is used to prepare cannabis. This is the reality for all too many medical cannabis users, who inhale cannabis for their condition daily. They use their grinder possibly not giving one thought to what is happening to their cannabis when it is ground.


This experiment used approximately ½ ounce of Jabberwocky a resinous cannabis that is one of the glue type cannabis that is known for their sticky and aromatic nature. Was ground in a small aluminum grinder that has an inside diameter of 1.32 inches, that had been cleaned before hand with alcohol to remove any visible residue. It appeared clean. The grinder was then left on a table in the open with the lid on for one month, these pictures document what was observed:

As can be plainly seen this grinder has a significant amount of build-up and has black specks of what is unknown at this time, but may be oxidized resin, THC or possibly mold is the only speculation at the current time, absent lab testing which may be in the future. Either way the material buildup is prone to catching, dust, pollen, dander and all manner of other common indoor contaminants. The question for you do you want to inhale such contamination...?

Under current Federal laws governing drugs and medical devices is 21 USC, it requires that a manufacturer of drugs, food and medical devices be taken and consumed under direction from the producer or manufacturer of the drug, food or medical device produced by them.  

Cannabis is not regulated under 21 USC and the question that needs to asked who interests are being served, patients or the Cannabis industry.

This is how the FDA keeps the public safe from charlatans and citizens who would harm others through neglect and exploitation with stiff criminal penalties for willful acts. As we drill down into these photos, (taken with a digital microscope) we cannot say for certain, other than the grinder looks contaminated with cannabis residue that looks positively foul:


As can be seen in these photos that significant contamination is occurring in grinders and most are unaware of the potential for harm from these types of contaminants are ingested by inhalation over long periods as cannabis patients are relegated to a daily regimen of consumption. Clearly a grinder can harbor significant contaminants with any cannabis being prepared in such a device as to be considered adulterated as far federal law is concerned, since cannabis is being consumed without directions from the producer or practitioner, and of course unless cleaned before use.

Hands can be washed before hand and or gloved to manicure and prepare their cannabis for inhalation, a few dead skin cells at the most versus the kind of contamination seen here, would be minuscule. In the absence of any directions from practitioners or producers this is clearly certain to be in many peoples lives and homes since these two entities do not reveal anything to patients on the proper and/or rational preparation of same to inhale their cannabis.

Medical cannabis patients have been left to their own devices, and is the Wild, Wild West of medical care and sadly how many are being harmed by what we can only consider to be ignorance, and possible harm to patients by not giving them any guidance in their use of this drug.  Just because this drug is not regulated by 21 USC, doesn't mean that any and all preparation(s) are not adulterated cannot be assured, since neither producer or practitioner guides medical cannabis patients in their daily therapy.

April 10, 2021

Alan P. Halbert, CEO