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Canna Cart Canna Cart Sample using our graphics, that  we sell on our Canna Cart page

Everyone receives their card flat and instructions are printed on the back for our sample shown above, you are free to use all the real estate you want, all we need is a small area in the back to comply with who else, the government. You could showcase one or several products as you fast track your brand to new heights of success for the Cannabis industry. For pennies on the dollar dependent on volume. This is simply old-school marketing at its finest, the value proposition is self-explanatory.

Rational people can assume that this Congress will legalize Cannabis, every indication points to this likelihood sales will skyrocket. Secondary markets are coming into being with cannabis being accepted into society, many consumers are looking to enhance their experience, and their call is being answered.

Making advertising at point of consumption is now a reality, become a trendsetter for your next marketing campaign, the industry is poised for growth, don’t be left behind. To put all this in perspective Amazon has a Cannabis Tools and Accessories category, secondary markets are coming forward and maturing.

Make it rain.

At the point of consumption, you now have the opportunity to brand your products with Cannabis while your customer is engaged and actively consuming cannabis, before, during and after. You have quite a bit of real estate to use and equals about 3x3 inches, that’s over nine square inches each side, we provided drawings that shows the exact size on our Let’s Talk page.

You can tell your story or why your products are top shelf, or whatever message you want to convey. Give your customers a useful tool to assist in getting cannabis into a consumable state with an inexpensive tool, your customers will use every day, and thank you for, making their daily grind easier. Since their cannabis slides effortlessly off the high energy surface in an extremely controllable manner with your Canna Card, whether on the side for joints or the tapered end, always controllable. Canna Card accommodates all sizes of rolling papers, 70 mm (2.75 in) 1 ¼ (3.45 in) and 110 mm (4.33 in), and will work with blunts and other tubes, which can be filled using the tapered end.

Snuff Cards

You can also brand our snuff cards which are used by medical patients to snuff out their bowl between puffs.

No one likes a carbonized bowl after letting it smolder while you hold your last puff.

Cannabis patients titrate their dosing to their pain level, and use cannabis differently than recreational users, who usually share their cannabis.

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