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Canna Card Dimensioned Drawing

Drawing shows the maximum printing area and is the backside, which has the exclusion zone for our information. The front (inside when folded) the entire area to print on and printed right to the edge, on both sides with your message for your Canna Card.

Use can be numerous times throughout the day, the Canna Card has an expected useful life of 2 weeks to several months, depending on usage before replacement. It stands up to daily use, and is easily cleaned (scrape with a plastic blade the bits of cannabis and resin that build up during use for later), then with alcohol wipe up any residue buildup that is left.

Your graphics person can just copy and paste the drawing onto a blank sheet for reference in any word or document processor or graphics program, click here for both drawings. To get a running head start on Your Canna Card, and marketing campaign.

Canna Card

Canna Card Snuff Card

This card gives 4.23 square inches to get your message to your customers, make it rain. These cards are probably unfamiliar to most people who are not Cannabis patients who use it for treatment of various conditions, and least of all pain. Which requires them to consume cannabis in slightly different ways since its not shared with others as is the social use of cannabis, which is restricted by law for these patients.

Contrary to many false beliefs most patients titrate their cannabis by using pipes that allow their cannabis to be snuffed out between dosing.

This keeps the cannabis fresh and allows clean dosing throughout their day, by removing the ash and carbonized cannabis, repacking the bowl with the cannabis that has not been lit, because many begin lighting at the back of the bowl and burn it across the pipe.

It is a misnomer that these patients consume the pipe or blunt, is few and far between because they also need to live, and that means being productive and caring for our needs. Frankly if most patients smoked like recreational smokers they would get little done, the goal is pain relief not being relieved of all duties for and to ones self.

Life goes on.

The drawings shown below are to scale and all that needs to be done to turn them into drawings is to put your cursor on the drawing, right click and copy image, then paste it onto a drawing template or a page in your word processor or graphics suite. Its full scale and will copy and paste every detail in the drawings, and print full scale. This link will take you to another page with both drawings on one sheet.

You can then give them to your graphics department or designee and they can get to work, when you are ready we will take your graphics and prototype your Canna Card and send them to you for approval. Delivery is dependent on work already in que and previous commitments. Lead times being what they are it is always best to order ahead of time, then we can make sure that your experience is as trouble free as possible. The exclusion zone is shown for our graphics and can be moved if need be to accommodate your graphic scheme. Current size of the Canna Card accommodates all sizes of rolling papers, 70 mm (2.75 in) 1 ¼ (3.45 in) and 110 mm, and will work with blunts and other tubes, along with pipes and vaporizers which can be filled using the tapered end.

A word or two about graphics and formats

We use Affinity Designer and Photo so can handle most any graphics format that is in current use, we prefer Portable Network Graphics, png, though can work with most any formats. You will provide us with ready made graphics that are 1:1 so that all we need do is make sure it prints where we need it to. We will verify that they meet our requirement for use.

Once samples and prototypes have been approved any final adjustments will be made during the production run and will be subject to constant quality control inspections and correction if needed. To keep our costs down we use inkjet, and color laser printers to prototype and will reproduce your graphics with the utmost care to bring out your message, if you would like to send printouts for comparison, would be appreciated.

Contact Detail

Graphics Do’s and Don’t Disclaimer

You are free to design to your hearts content and will use only original of your own creation or licensed artwork, lets consider your audience, and how the Canna Cards are going to be used, its now being acceptable to consume cannabis in family settings and its going to be seen by children, so we insist that your campaign be tasteful, not that we are moral scolds, but if your imagination is so inclined, think Sailor Jerry, Suess, or WWII and Ukrainian Pin Up Girls, of late.

This is an adult product but its bound to come into contact with children, better to have them wonder than be exposed. We reserve the right to decline any project that steps over the bounds discussed above, its high time we take back our heritage and become the people we are meant to be, and you to be your best creative self, and is your intellectual property as well as an art form. Make it rain.

Canna Card Snuff Card Dimensions


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Feel free to use the contact link shown below and let us know what you need and we can go from there. We only accept graphics files by email and ftp, and will send instructions for uploading.

Canna Card Contact

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